Partnership Opportunities

Cameron FroudeHealthcare systems nationwide are called to integrate behavioral health into their practices. This is a challenging endeavor. Seamless behavioral health integration requires a comprehensive evaluation, business plan, real-time coaching, and more.

I provide support to health systems at all levels of integration. Each system will received a full evaluation and tailored plan for integration based on the system’s context and goals. To learn more about my health system consultation services, please click here.

Medical Family Therapy 

Healthcare can be a complicated, fragmented system. This is especially true for individuals with both physical and psychological issues. Research has established the important relationship between the mind and the body.  However, medical and psychological care are often separate, leaving individuals stuck between two systems. Integrating the mind and the body to facilitate healing requires a qualified therapist who is well-versed in integrative therapies and navigating the medical system.

I am a California licensed marriage and family therapist (#97439) with fellowship training in Medical Family Therapy. I support individuals, couples, and families in healing from the symptoms of living with unresolved physical and mental health issues. My specialization is working with trauma survivors and their families. If you would like to learn more about my therapy practice, please click here.