Health System Consultation

iStock-667828848.jpgIncreasing access to behavioral healthcare is an essential component in providing holistic care. However, a health system simply desiring integration is not enough. Partnering with a consultant who can walk you through the process can result in faster integration, improved patient outcomes, higher reimbursement rates, and more.

My mission is to partner with health systems to increase their access to integrated behavioral healthcare and coordinated service delivery and payment models. I have a specific emphasis on assisting smaller practices in developing an integrated behavioral health program and/or enhancing an already developed program.

Services Offered

General Consultation: General consultation includes a broad-based, objective assessment of the health system’s overall landscape related to integrated behavioral health. The assessment will include specific milestones and a timeline for behavioral health integration.

Group Medical Visit: Group medical visit consultation includes a detailed conceptual, operational, financial, and curricular plan for implementing a group medical visit in the health system. Additional coaching services to implement the visit are also available.

Integrated Behavioral Health:  Integrated behavioral health consultation yields an assessment of the health system with specific milestones and a timeline for behavioral health integration. Depending on the degree of initial integration and goals for ultimate integration, consulting can range from 3-18+ months. Consulting will include real-time needs assessments, monthly phone calls, 1-1 coaching, and future plans for growth and development. I will guide health systems through the entire process of reaching full integration.